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Your first lesson in Malayalam, the local language: vallom means boatKettu means knot - the hardwood hulls used to be tied rather than nailed together. For centuries, they have been the chief means of transport for people and goods, especially rice, in English they are often referred to as “rice-boats”. A big kettuvallom like the Katherine has the capacity of half-a-dozen articulated lorries. Adapted as houseboats, these beautiful craft are still built from traditional local materials. (Yes, the roof is thatched with palm leaves!)

Your Curise

In your kettuvallom, you cruise the vast and unspoilt backwaters in freedom, integrated with the local way of life, pausing for a visit to the beach, fishing, visits to points of historic interest or shopping. Fresh food is brought aboard daily and prepared, to your taste, by the on-board chef. Recuperation, reinvigoration, and respite from... well, whatever you want respite from.


The state of Kerala lies in the tropics, along the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. Enlightened government and a thriving economy have nurtured a healthy people, highly literate and socially aware. The region offers an authentic Third-World experience, free from distress.Getting there is surprisingly easy, and we have chosen our base for its quick access from the airport.


Known in the days of the Raj as Alleppey, this ancient trading hub has fascinated tourists for centuries. Interlacing piers and bridges connect the Arabian Sea to the network of rivers and lakes where the old backwater trades of rice farming, fishing, coir making and other rural industries still go on. The famous Snake Boat Races take place in August, but whenever you come - bar perhaps the June monsoon - you will be enchanted. Using your houseboat as a base you can enjoy the beaches, revel in the scenery, and explore the cultural heritage of 'the Venice of the East'.


We are an Indian registered company, 100% UK owned. We employ a happy team in India, we all love what we do, and pride ourselves that a holiday with us is a cut above the rest. Our UK agents, AK Recreations and Leisure Limited, based near Salisbury, will handle your booking and help you to plan a truly wonderful trip. From the moment you contact us, you will meet the highest standards of service and a sense of fun: we want you to fall in love with this very special place and way of life.


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