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How To Reach Us

To reach Cochin, there are many options:

  • British Airways flies to a number of Indian cities. We recommend connecting through Mumbai, which offers the most frequent daily flights to Cochin.
  • Emirates fly daily to Cochin from Dubai.
  • Domestic flights are relatively cheap and there are many options for connecting to Cochin . We recommend Jet Airways , Kingfisher Airlines , or Indian Airlines .

    New routes to India are constantly opening up. British Airways and/or Air India will fly you direct to the Indian hub airports mentioned plus of course Delhi and Calcutta.

    If you time your journey well, it will take you 13-14 hours from Heathrow check-in to boarding your houseboat.

    We suggest another approach, to reward yourself more fully for that long flight:

  • 1. We recommend Bales Worldwide
  • 2. Delay your flight home by a week or so
  • 3. Take a domestic Indian flight from wherever you finish up, 5-day round trip to Cochin
  • 4. Let us take care of you for 4-5 days: time on the backwaters to reflect on the wonders you have seen the week before
  • 5. Hop back from Cochin to pick up your long-haul flight home