Beyond Price

The worldwide boom in 'experience tourism' has not spoiled Kerala. The travellers who go there are attracted by the peace and authenticity of the setting, together with the genuine warmth of the people. Rare and precious commodities in today's world…

We are not putting an 'exclusive' price tag on our package; we know our clients do not have money to burn.

Some Simple Comparisons

    We have described the Katherine as 'a luxury hotel in miniature'. Where can you enjoy five-star full board, plus a daily guided tour of exotic locations, at a rate of £65 per day?*

    For a family of six, you could take a week in an amusement park for about the same money as a week in the Katherine, if you all shared a suite in one of the cheaper hotels. Not quite so educational, perhaps… nor as relaxing for Mum and Dad…

    For a boating comparison, take a six-berth fibre-glass cruiser on the Norfolk Broads: the price will be much the same, but where are the private air-conditioned bedrooms, where are the smiling and attentive crew and where are the palm-trees?

    Comparison with other kettuvalloms: we believe none can match us on:

  • *Spacious layout
  • *Silent air-conditioning at night; full backup system during the day
  • *Hot water in bathrooms
  • *Linen sheets, hair dryers
  • *Crew trained to highest service standards
  • *Based on four passengers taking a four-day trip - an average price-per-person in our package.